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Commuter Benefit Accounts
The IRS allows employees to set aside tax-free money for certain work-related mass transit and parking expenses. For 2006, the limits are $105 per month for mass transit and $205 per month for parking.

Mass transit can include commuter train, bus and van pool. Parking can include surface lots and parking garages paid on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Funds in the Commuter Benefit Accounts can roll forward from month to month and can span plan years. Employees can also change the contribution amounts on a month to month basis

When should you provide Commuter Benefit Accounts?

Commuter Benefit Accounts are appropriate if:

  • Your workplace is located in an urban area
  • You want to encourage fuel conservation
  • You have employees that rely on mass transit to come to work
  • You want to improve employee recruiting and retention

    What if we are a small employer?

    The BenefitsWorkshop offers a number of unique options that make these plans affordable even if you have ten or fewer employees.

    How can I order a proposal?

    Simply click the button below and complete the form. You should receive your proposal within 48 hours.


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