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What opportunities does BenefitsWorkshop offer a broker, consultant or insurance company representative?

The BenefitsWorkshop does not have a sales force. Instead, we rely on relationships with select brokers, consultants, and insurance companies to market our services. The BenefitsWorkshop understands the importance of providing quality products and services to all clients, and particularly to those served our marketing partners. We realize you take a risk every time you recommend a vendor to your clients. That is why we will strive to exceed your expectations and those of your clients so you will be comfortable recommending us to others.

We understand the importance of our marketing partners to our success, and we also realize our place in the "big picture" of employee benefits. We realize we are but a minor player. Our primary goal is to protect the relationship between the partner and the client. We view our partners as our primary customers. To that end, we will never attempt to get between you and your client. We will keep you informed of any situations that warrant your attention and we will never sell insurance. We have no ulterior motives.

We offer income opportunities and some unique marketing tools that can help you grow your business. Please contact Larry Garrett at (904) 631-2629 or via e-mail at for more information.

Why not take advantage of this opportunity to offer your clients a unique package of services that will truly enhance your clients' employee benefit programs? Feel free to explore our web site. And if you then believe your clients would appreciate the programs we have to offer, please let us know by clicking the "Contact Us" button on any page.

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